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The Path towards True Happiness Turn Your Free Time into Goldmine

Author Name: S C Sivaji Rao | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

"The Path towards True Happiness- A summary

True Happiness: - It is the happiness one finds within oneself. It is an exalted state of consciousness where one’s intellect is in full command of the body and mind. Then, one finds supreme delight. Such a person can become efficient in the chosen field of activity.

To achieve this, use your free time wisely; make persistent efforts in worthwhile activities:

1. Practice of yoga exercises regularly.

2. Follow wise dietary guidelines.

3. Understand the stress level in your body; make stress work for you.

4. Make a few life-style changes; like moderate exercises.

5. Develop meditation skills.

6. Develop a reverential attitude towards the Almighty/God.

7. As a person begins to make efforts, his/her inner strength improves.

Every person who is keen to improve his health/happiness by self-effort can find many ‘takeaways’/tips in this book:

1. About 50-70% of working population feel stressed; many are not aware! Uncontrolled stress may affect their psyche, digestive system and efficiency. In fact, stress is the biggest obstacle to happiness. Every person who is keen to improve his/her happiness can find one find many insights and practical suggestions to combat stress.

2. Sleep deprivation causes lingering feeling of lethargy, lack of concentration and accidents. In this book one can find eight simple ways to improve his quality of sleep.

3. One may wonder ‘There are many books on yoga; what is the unique quality of this book?’

Unique quality: In a book of 200 pages, one can get general idea of yoga/breathing exercises, self-instructional guidelines and many more insights so that one can enjoy a special happiness that can last forever."


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S C Sivaji Rao

S C Sivaji Rao began his career as an Assistant in the Central Secretariat. Over the years, he has worked in various positions as Under Secretary and Director in the Central Secretariat. He retired from service in 2012. Sivaji was attracted to the spiritual field at a young age and has been practicing yoga for the last twenty years. Sivaji has participated in various programmes and retreats of several spiritual organizations to add to his knowledge. He lives in New Delhi. This is his first book.