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The Perfect Dilemmas

by Zahir Chauhan

Format: Paperback

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Once there was a confused boy, confused about choosing education for himself, confused about choosing a suitable career for himself, confused between friendship & love, confused between money and family values, confused between living a luxurious life and living happily. He is confused at each and every important stage of his life and learns lessons by paying a huge price.

What is the price that Kabir pays to overcome his dilemmas? What happens at the end? Is he going to survive or will he give up against his dilemmas?

Sit back and enjoy this roller coaster ride of Kabir’s journey and turn even your dilemmas into perfect dilemmas!!

But before you start reading “The Perfect Dilemmas” ask these three simple questions to yourself.

1.What has been your biggest dilemma in life so far?

2.Do you listen to your mind or do you follow your heart to overcome dilemma?

3.What makes you happy in life, following your heart or listening to your mind?

After all it’s about finding ourselves…

Zahir Chauhan is an aspiring change-maker in this fast moving world where everyone seems to forget the simplest things in life - to live it with complete non-seriousness yet with immense focus, like a game. Through his debut novel, he has just taken the first step towards his long time ambition to become an inspiring storyteller especially to the younger generations who face the situation of being at the crossroads of dilemma.

Zahir originally hails from Bhavnagar, a city of poets and legendary authors in Gujarat. After completing his schooling from various cities in India (thanks to his father) & graduating from Ooty, he completed his Postgraduate management studies from Singapore. He is a storyteller by nature and a Learning & Development specialist by profession, thus the combination of his nature and profession has given him ample exposure of meeting various people from across the world. He currently works with a renowned company and lives in Mumbai with his family.



The Perfect Dilemmas





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