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Author Name: SAURABH SUMAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This is fate. Really difficult times. No one can be blamed.The pain and mood swings. Experiencing pain and all the emotions while on a trip? Imagine that. And we experience every 20 days.Seriously?Pain, blood, discomfort.You scientists need to find a solution to this,it’s killing us.Gone are the days when we had the luxury of sitting home and relaxing. Trust us, we don't make it up! Their "existence" has been scientifically proven The highest level of pain for us. Why only us? Bras. Tight and uncomfortable and inconvenient. Why can't we wear one piece of undergarment like men? We are expected to have clean shaven legs and hands. And any sign of armpit hair is a grave crime. Dowry. Why do girls' family have to pay huge amount of money to a groom to get her married? However she is, she'll still be loved and praised, since we live in a racist society. If she's pouting and clicking pictures, uploading it on any social networking sites, people are like, "she's such a wanna-be." Come on its her life. Stop judging her. If she can't cook, then according to people's views either she is too lazy to learn cooking, or she is too cool to do it. Like what? So instead of seeing all these points why don't you see that she has a beautiful heart. She can do things way better. So people out there, please stop judging us. And even if you do, don't do it until a level where it comes offensive for them. Get a life please.

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SAURABH SUMAN is currently residing in Mumbai, India. He is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and Manager by profession. The book review of his debut novel “When Life Starts playing” was published by THE TIMES OF INDIA, THE SPEAKING TREE (PAGE 3) in 2017. He pursued his schooling from an English medium school, Bishop Westcott Boy's School and Assembly of God Church School. He also specializes in Content writing, marketing, advertising and Video Editing. He loves to travel and explores. He plays cricket and chess. He is very active on social network & a tea addict. His passion is riding & writing.