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The Power of Love and Motivation Master the 24 powerful principles to build your dream life!

Author Name: VIJAY G.NARAYANASWAMY | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

If you are in search of love, happiness, success, and wealth, then welcome to the journey. You will learn how to find and keep all of them with you. 

There are 24 POWERFUL PRINCIPLES you need to master in order to build a life you dream of and get all the above things. You will learn about all the 24 powers in this book. Everyone and everything is out there for a specific purpose. No one would be living if there is no purpose in life. Success comes after the struggle and life start after love. This book will help you and guide you to find your true purpose and accomplish it. 

To win yourself, you need to find your love and win your love. In this book, you will learn how to find or create the right path to build a life of your choice through simple, understandable, and practical methods and concepts. 

This book will guide you in finding yourself, your love, and your purpose, and then WIN ALL OF THEM. 


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Vijay is an interesting person. He was an introvert until he found the true purpose of his life. He lives in Bengaluru. Vijay is basically a go-getter. If he loves something, he will do whatever he can to get it. After almost four years of his love and efforts, he finally completed his first book. ‘The Power of Love and Motivation’ - Master the 24 powerful principles to build your dream life.  Now it is in your hands. 

To know why Vijay is an interesting person, please browse him on the below networks! 

Website: v2staycool.com

Instagram: its_v2_official (Vijay G.Narayanaswamy) 

Facebook: Vijay G.Narayanaswamy 

Twitter: @its_v2_official 

Email: hellov2vijay@gmail.com