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The Purpose of Life

by Iran Bharat Saxena

Format: Paperback

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Death is an inevitable truth of life, but it’s only when we see it coming close, is when we start asking questions about it. How would it be after death? Will we get to meet the people we love ever again? Will those who had already passed away be waiting for us up there? Will we get to see God, will we go to heaven or hell, or will it just be our end, or we will be put into an eternal sleep? In 2010, IB Saxena had to face these questions when he was diagnosed with a condition that put him through so much pain, that in the process his business was brought to a standstill, and he felt he was going to die because of the pain and depression.

This pushed him to try and find the cause for his sufferings and “the purpose of life”, all in the back drop of the economic crisis the world was facing. Contrary to what he expected, what he discovered was something truly wonderful, and this is what inspired him to share his discovery with the world.

Iran Bharat Saxena was born in Tehran, and thus his unusual name. He spent the earliest part of his childhood there. The revolution of Iran in 1979 brought him to India where he now lives. His time back home was spent pursuing his formal education which was of least interest to him, while coming up with ventures as unusual as his name all the time. He moved with his family to the United States in 1990. He tried to pursue life there but never felt at home there and finally returned to India leaving his family behind. He went through a long period of struggle and eventually joined the technology bandwagon and today has over fifteen years of experience in the telecom industry. During this period he has worked with almost all major telecom service providers in India and has developed a sterling reputation in the industry of being the go to man to the job done. While technology continues to remain close to his heart, what is of real interest to him is figuring out what life is all about and how it can be made better.



The Purpose of Life





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