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The Real and Reel Serendipity

by Pushpa Venugopal

Format: Paperback

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Disillusioned at the loss of her parents at an early age Dwitiya becomes stubborn and wants to help children who have become orphans overnight. For this she works hard and educates herself to be in a better position and becomes a careerist, working with a foundation to do the real. Silver-screen heart throb Sidarth meets Dwitiya, she clearly spells out that she is not for reel, glamour and glitz. However for Sidarth, the film industry name works out to win the down to earth girl and get backs to Gautham the real, in real and reel Serindipity. Read on.

Once again Pushpavenugopal in her personal style has unfolded the story of The Real and the reel Serendipity. She continues to tread the path of serving the underprivileged sharing her ideas. And above all proving that age is no bar if you have the will to do so.



The Real and Reel Serendipity





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