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The Real Mission

by Pooja AH

Format: Paperback

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Karan was a handsome young professional closed-circuit racer and three times National Champion, whose only love and mission was biking. A loner he was, with no friends by his side – in sharp contrast to his social butterfly-like brother, Sandheep. Their sisters, Karuna and Sandhana, lived a life of their own. All four never mingled.

Sandheep was the first to realise this flaw in their family and started to fix their broken relationship. However, they were faced with a sudden challenge, which was as a big blow. Did they overcome it? Did they find their real mission?

A.H. is the pen name of Author Pooja Addla Hari whose debut novel is "The Real Mission". A Passionately Ambitious Human who was born and brought up in Chennai, she is also a bibliophile, logophile, public speaker, science & tech enthusiast and music lover. As the world's only Indeator, a job that she invented by herself, she combines various areas of interest to constantly create new ideas. She is currently a Mechanical Engineering (Energy & Environment) major at Arizona State University and aspires to become a social entrepreneur in the field of clean energy and waste management and contribute to sustainable development. 


The Real Mission





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