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The Reboot Nebula Chronicles

Author Name: Anand Arora | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In 2031, a group of scientists discovered a shocking revelation from NEBULA, their most spectacular space station orbiting outside the solar system as an independent man-made planet.

An extinction-level event (ELE) was an inevitable reality in the next 6 months!

How can one prevent an unknown catastrophe based on limited information?

An event ten times massive and catastrophic as the asteroid collision that brought the extinction of dinosaurs!

Would humans be able to survive with Noah’s Ark in the 21st century?

Will Ranjan Sharma, Jovan Novsky and Arjun Bhatia, the brilliant scientists of this era, be able to solve this problem?

Would ordinary people on a planet that is filled with corrupt leaders survive?

The Reboot is a story of the humans of this planet and how they collaborate with a common purpose to save mother earth.

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Anand Arora

Anand Arora is an IIT alumnus and a tech entrepreneur who loves to create new things and write on topics related to science, innovations and products. 

He is extremely passionate about science fiction and is a die-hard fan of Isaac Asimov, the legendary author of the 20th century. Since childhood, he has been inspired by classics like ‘Foundation Series’, ‘I-Robot’, and works of other authors like Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy. 

His first published book is The Reboot. The idea for the book germinated during the lockdown of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Anand to think and explore the various scenarios that will impact the future of human existence, ranging from global warming, catastrophic events, and even an ELE (Extinction Level Event).

Anand stays with his wife and two children in Gurgaon, India.