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The Rich Raider The game is on ...

by Shakthi Prassadh

Format: Paperback

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A multimillionaire , bored with the way his life is going about , takes a decision that shifts his world all the way around , join along with him , in this adventure of a lifetime that lasted for a lifetime, and witness , blood , bodies , beasts , and Beaches like never before...

Shakthi Prassadh is an engineering student, who has a profound taste for writing , His first person narrative style keeps the reader gripped and guessing on what is hidden in the subsequent lines ahead , his tales are usually quite short and crisp . Inspired by the movies of famous Hollywood directors like Quentin Tarantino , Frank Darabont , Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese , the author often copy their screenplay style and brings them to life in his stories.



The Rich Raider





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