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The Secret of Sapiens Survival in the Modern World How to Achieve Human Needs and Maximize Our Happiness

Author Name: Ashthought | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Why Sapiens, the most respected living beings on earth, are most worried about their survival? How some people are becoming very rich and some people being very poor? Some poor seems to be very happy while some rich, we find, are very unhappy? To answer many  life questions like these, we should know everything about life;- about the human body, mind, requirements, emotions, love, relationship, resources availability to achieve our requirements, how we achieve our requirements, building our life through cooperation like family, government and business, the reason for getting bored in family life, the inefficiency of government and, the fall of the business, etc. Above all, we should know how to apply Albert Einstein’s happiness law to our life to maximize our happiness. ‘Sapiens Survival’ will tell you everything to survive human life and be happy always.

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Ashthought, a bachelor degree holder in economics, was very interested from a young age to know about wealth and the secret of making money. He was always thinking that while all other living beings on earth live happily with what nature has provided for them, why do human beings always worry about increasing their wealth. We see that while some people are very rich, some others are very poor. While he was working in the Middle East for almost seventeen years, he was always observing how the wealth is flowing from one person to another. His long time experience and relation with different people around the world in three corporate companies with three different fields of construction, market research and oil field industry, strengthened his view about life. His interest to find  the secrete of making wealth and how to be happy always prompt him to quit his job in the corporate company and spend more time to fulfill his dream by writing a book that will benefit every human beings. The Secret of Survival of Sapiens in the Modern World is the fulfilment of his life dream.