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THE SHAKEN SOULS Understanding the meaning of life

Author Name: Amosh D N | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This booking is written for the general publicity, poet readers, lovers, young and old lovers' love to understand the better deep life and love and others. Yes, there are many circumstances that appear in human life in an unprecedented moment like birth and death; cry and pain; joy and sadness, hug and refrain, to leave and together. Above all, we notice that there is also a certain time for everything. The reason that I wrote this book (poetry) is that I feel that the literal meaning of the poem and its meaning and definition. The word is the most eminent elementary tool that builds a relation to all mankind. Every single word that proceeds from the mouth may be the poison to someone else whom you hurt all the time. It was also written, "the word is sharper than the two-edged swords." We should stick and heed the word that spoke out.  In this poetry book, you may find different kinds of human stages in different circumstances and speculations that humans are facing. To give love, and help, and peacefulness to others in times of their need is the significant and substantive natural ability in every religion that God gave to all.

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Amosh D N

I had been started to write poems and books as I was encouraged and inspired by the written poem of Robert Southey and when I was a schoolboy during the early winter of 2013, I had participated in many poem competitions and recitations. I first wrote my poem was "Life - an Empty Tear" and that was published in the newspaper and I was encouraged by many of my friends and families, my inspiration become more effective and I started to write more poems. I have also written a few poems that were published in the college Anual Magazine, Newspaper, Magazine, and many more.