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The Soup

Author Name: VAIBHAV SINHA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

 “Waiter, There’s a Rat in My Soup and it’s Delicious” was the title of a story published in the Wall Street Journal back in 1991. 

What’s the connection between this soup and ‘the soup’ the world finds itself in today? 

What is the relevance of tiny sparrows in the current pandemic?

Was the Coronavirus grown in a Chinese Lab? Is Kung-Flu for real? 

How a ‘tie’ caused a delay in alerting the world about the looming pandemic!

We revere the Corona warriors. But who were the Wolf Warriors behind the scenes?

Does ‘Big Pharma’ really care about viral outbreaks and diseases affecting the third world? 

Was Bird Flu a hoax? 

Who was Congressman Hawley and why has he made a comeback after ninety years? 

Smell a rat? Answers to these and many more questions, lie inside. 


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Vaibhav is a wildlife enthusiast and nature lover with diverse interests in politics, religion and fine arts. As an avid traveller, he loves to explore countries, cultures and the countryside.  In his spare time, he loves to read, write poetry and try his hands on painting and photography.

Vaibhav earns a living by working for one of India’s leading company in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector as a global business development and strategy expert. He has been associated with the sector for the last sixteen years. His passion for walking the uncharted path drove him to write this book.

 “The Soup”  is his maiden book, wherein he analyzes myths surrounding the pandemic and its impact on various facets of human existence. Relevant anecdotes add an interesting perspective to the reader. The author plans to write more books on contemporary subjects in the future.