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The Tenth Avatar: 2300 AD

by Sondeep Patra

Format: Paperback

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The Tenth Avatar is a series of seven books covering four generations. Join this intriguing and daring odyssey, where no mortal has dared to go. A journey to an unknown kingdom where you meet seven chosen ones, who will put their lives on line so that you may live. If they succeed they will be the first superman on earth! If they fail they will attain martyrdom!

Training Program and has been teaching students. He has been writing since 2008. He has passed Political Science and Law from the University of Delhi. Was practicing lawyer in the Supreme Court of India and worked with eminent environmental lawyer Mr. MC. Mehta before he joined the profession of Education as a teacher and later on as a trainer. He stays in Bhubaneshwar with his wife Sangeeta and three children Pratham, Sanjana and Om. He was invited by Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, UK as a guest speaker. 

“You become an author and educate a few. You create an author and educate millions.”



The Tenth Avatar: 2300 AD





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