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The True Vortices A Journey Through The Chakras

Author Name: Sathyajith Divakaran Nair | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

The book is a Spiritual journey that opens the wisdom of the chakras to everyone. It takes you much beyond what you have known about the chakras and allows you to understand clearly that you are an energy body and how this energy body interacts with others and the Divine. 

The energy of each chakra and how it is experienced is detailed including the experiences that we go through while meandering our way through each of them is explained. This is not just a Spiritual book, it explains every experience ever that one can have in this Universe.

The book also includes meditations to guide you through each chakra and to clear the energy blocks if any in each of them, that prevent you from experiencing the full-fledged potential of each Chakra. 

The book covers the beej mantras and the Creative meditations both of which have profound effects on clearing each Chakra. It is important to focus on both of these as they balance the Yin-Yang or the Shiva-Shakti energies within us. 

The core energies of Abundance, Acceptance, Power, Love, Truth, Oneness, and finally the Divinity are all aspects we are all meant to experience. And that is detailed here...

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Sathyajith Divakaran Nair

Sathyajith Divakaran Nair had his first tryst with Spirituality when he chose to do a Reiki workshop with his Reiki guru, Shardamani Bhaskar, when he was in Mumbai. It seemed like he had found the doorway to information opened for him beyond what was discussed in the classroom. He understood much beyond what was being spelt out to him. 

This was followed by his meeting with his Guru, Ranganatha Iyer in Pune. The experience he had when he completed the 'Who am I' journey with Ranga opened the stream of his connection with the Omnipresent field. He experienced Oneness with the World. Though the experience itself was not more than an hour, his life was changed forever. He could access information from beyond. 

He has been conducting workshops since 2012 regularly, taking people through the experience of the Chakras and the path that leads to Divine realization.

Sathyajith Divakaran Nair lives in Kochi, Kerala with his wife Manju Meenakshy and his son Sachein Sathyajith. He is currently employed in a media house and that satisfies his requirement for participation in a normal life.