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The U.S. Pandemic Will There Be Civil War?

Author Name: Dieter Gartelmann | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The battle to defeat the pandemic was not just a medical issue. It was compounded by the biggest, nastiest and dangerous political divide in American history. The attempt by Donald Trump to deny democracy and award himself the election win was only symptomatic of an even broader division in America. Whilst humanity deals with the virus in a variety of ways, militias and civil rights groups disrupt all attempts to contain the pandemic. All spreading the new highly infectious strains. Families discussing this get fearful and irate.

That is the environment in which the new president has to enforce lockdowns and social distancing to save the country. Militias sent two hundred thousand members to march, disobeying orders; at the same time, a new strain raced through the country, killing people within three days. Infections and deaths quadrupled. The hatred between opposing sides grows exponentially. Can Joe Biden defeat the protestors without resorting to Tiananmen Square methods? Will wives shoot returning husbands to keep their children alive? Who will look after the orphaned children looking for help? Will the president win this battle?

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Dieter Gartelmann

Dieter Gartelmann had moved to Australia from Germany in 1953, and straight off to high school, learning English and the ways of the new country. The full lifecycle of a migrant escaping from the past, marriage and four great children. After a 45-year IT career followed by a postgraduate study in cybersecurity, he now lives alone; with a new interest in writing. This is his second book.

He had previously experienced the very good in America. When Trump lost the election but claimed voter fraud, that fired up the existing divisions in the country to new levels, close to inciting a civil war. Gartelmann decided to write a book where the new president, by hook or by crook, tackled not only the pandemic but all other political evils contributing to the country’s divisions.

By writing a book of fiction, he was free to create characters that people could love and adore, hate and despise. He made their reaction to the pandemic the story of this thriller.