by Saumya Jain


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

On receiving intel that ISI was sending their most dangerous assassin to set a trap for the Indian Home Minister in his alma mater SRCC, R&AW assigns their youngest agent to thwart his plans. The mysterious assassin scripts his kills using elaborate theatrics, with mockery & sarcasm his trademark signature. The R&AW agent in contrast, raised on ancient Buddhist-Jain metaphysical teachings of perception, mindfulness & concentration, uses his analytical skills to unravel his sinister designs. But as the two superspies face-off amidst classes & campus life, boundaries blur between duty & desires, while unseen danger lurks behind every move in a three-way chess match.

About the Author

Saumya is an alumni of SRCC, majoring in Economics in 2009. Creative writing has been his passion since secondary school, with his talent first recognized in the inaugural Young Authors Contest 2003 where a literary panel headed by Ruskin Bond judged his short story to be a co-winner from amongst 7000 entries nationwide. The confidence boost and experience from interacting with eminent writers gave him the self-belief to blend his imagination and college life into a book. From poetry to a small stint as a campus reporter for a tabloid to part-time editing for a publishing house, he feverishly explores all avenues to express his creativity, while balancing his career in the Financial Services.

Saumya currently works in Deloitte in M&A Advisory, and resides in Hyderabad, India.

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