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The Undermined Fallacies

Author Name: Karoleena K. Pillai | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Do you feel you’re drowning in a pool of expectations? Are you pushed into running an endless rat race? Is the knowledge possessed by fellow sprinters used as a yardstick to measure your wisdom? 

Leena answers all these questions in the affirmative. Having escaped from repeating grade 9 by the skin of her teeth, she finds nothing different about the lauded ‘life-changing’ grade 10. She detests her monotonous school life and finds herself stuck in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ prison camouflaged as an educational system.  

When grown-ups isolate her from all her worldly pleasures believing it will make her pull through the boards, she escapes the arranged bond with her books by befriending victims of the societal prison. Their stories reassure that hers is not the only ignored voice. 

An unexpected twist adds a new purpose to her survival, inducing her to choose a path that she despised all her life, only to attain her pursuit. 

Leena meets a plot that is about to rewrite her life as an underachiever in The Undermined Fallacies.

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Karoleena K. Pillai

Ms Karoleena K Pillai emerged into this world as a ‘failure’ through a cut made in her mother’s abdomen. Grownups did not perceive the surgical delivery to be a ‘bad omen’ until they knew she was a girl. Neither the surgical operation nor her gender was a choice, but for the latter, they despised her. Not everyone deemed it a failure; her family embraced her birth with pride-filled tears and enclosed her in the warmth of their love. When she felt the difference in their emotion, she realized that what may seem like a ‘failure’ in the vision of some will be extolled as a victory by those who can fathom its worthiness. 

Twenty-one years later, the public speaker cum law aspirant voiced out the worth of fellow human beings who transcend from the LGBTQI community by authoring a chapter in her first anthology, which became a bestseller. Months later, she has written this book, which is her debut novel, inspired by the events that she feels deserve a chance to be heard, rectified and not ignored. Through this work, she has amplified the cries of those who have felt cornered while in school or elsewhere. She cannot promise this to be flawless; she is aware of the subjective differences in opinions and respects them. But she assures The Undermined Fallacies will give voice to some silenced cries and put the readers to think, which, in her belief, is the first step towards change.