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Author Name: Ramesh Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Since the inception of US economic meltdown in 2008, there has been a growing feeling of unrest against the politicians across the world. The movement gained momentum under the leadership of the working class which was most affected by the rising unemployment and inflation. The series of scams in India fuelled the movement and the urban middle class came out on street to protest.

In such times of unrest, Rama, an honest and idealist engineer, continues to fight a legal battle all his life against frequent unjustified job transfers. Finding no solution, Rama finally decides to quit and starts his own firm providing environmental solutions. However, his inner restlessness continues and his quest for peace leads him to meet a Yogi Guru in Himalayas. Yogi persuades him to learn ancient art of Ashtang Yoga and then use this power to fight the political criminals. Armed with the power of Yoga, Rama, along with another reformer Arun, starts Satyagraha (based on the Gandhian principles) and forms a civil society to bring in social reforms. The civil society kindles the revolution against the third-rate politicians and promises to bring in the positive changes in the machinery of Indian democracy. Daunted by the growing popularity of the movement among the masses, the ruling government tries different ways to curb the movement and later declares emergency in the country. Rama chalks out a secret plan with military to nail political criminals and wipe out evils in society. Will he succeed? Will the political criminals allow Rama to bring in new political system, good governance and lay foundation to start Ram Rajya?


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Ramesh Kumar started his career from RDSO, a railway research and design organization and did his graduation in engineering while in service. He later joined  Defence Research Development Organization as  Microwave Scientist.

He  has been  a keen observer of government bureaucracy and disliked the slow prevailing systems, left the government service and started his own business after a couple of stints in the private industrial sector.

He  travelled overseas extensively and studied the social systems and infrastructure prevailing there. He  feels very sad  that  India is very backward in every sphere like road infrastructure, manufacturing technology, Health, Education, Rural development and Poverty eradication etc.

He is  62 years  of age  and retired   and  looks after  Yog Sadhan Ashram ,Gurgaon. Yog Sadhan ashram  teaches  yoga practices  free of cost to general public.

He is married  and  lives in Gurgaon. He has written  few  books on social reforms. Some publications are: 

1. Standardisation  A key to Social Reforms

2. Yoga Key to Curb Social Evils

3. The World  in Flames