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The Warriors of Javida


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Several centuries ago, in a historic struggle for freedom, King Javid had liberated Javida from the despotic rule of the Kingdom of Jeneezia, through peaceful means. But, Javida was constantly under attack from the wicked Jeneezians, and there seemed to be no hope of a peaceful future. But, there is one clan of a secret elite armed with a prophecy that can once again liberate Javida; this time, with magic. Will the powerful magic of the evil priestess of Jeneezia prevail over good? Or, can the prophesized Aaliyah and the jewel warriors save Javida?

Samyuktha Nair a sixteen year old, lives in the coastal city of Chennai, India with her parents and grandmother. She is a student of Commerce and Mathematics at PSBB Senior Secondary School and Junior College, KK Nagar, Chennai. She has been writing poems and short stories right from her primary school days and her dream is to become a successful author. Samyuktha is particularly fascinated with historical fiction and wishes to write many more books in that genre.



The Warriors of Javida



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