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The Wondrous Lore of a Wasted Life

by Sreyoshi Chatterjee

Format: Paperback

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Three children board a hotel for two weeks in Bavaria, Germany during Christmas. Tourists from different parts of Europe – Switzerland, Croatia, England and France are lodged in the same hotel. They get acquainted with all the individuals and the families; eat, drink, travel and enjoy, till on a fateful, stormy night a child in one of the families meets with an accident. As the rest of the tourists take care of her, a man is found murdered in his bed. The Investigation Department of Bavaria Police arrives and begins the Interrogation of the inmates of the hotel. Each and every one says partial truths and hides some portion of the actual facts. Why so? Who could have committed the crime?

Sreyoshi is a Bengali and an Indian by birth and is located currently in Kolkata, India. She loves to read, to listen to Classical music, to travel and to collect stamps. Having graduated from a reputed school in Kolkata, she plans to start a career in writing fiction.

You can contact Sreyoshi on facebook and twitter. She looks forward to interacting with her readers.



The Wondrous Lore of a Wasted Life





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