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The Zohra Project

Author Name: Chidrupi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Investigative journalists, best friends, Naina, Ruhana, Samrat must risk their everything and finish Project Zohra. They had only heard the murkier tales of the mafia before. Now they would be a part of one.

The plan is to stick together, tackle all odds, but fate has different plans. When Asher, a mysterious IT tycoon, plays his trump card, Naina is caught in his games. Living a mafia life has never been so easy. Why is she treated as a princess and not a prisoner?

In the dark underworld, there are secrets to be unearthed, feelings to be discovered, and romance to be chanced upon. Asher Neves is one heck of a frustrating man, with a heart of gold underneath the black mask he hides it behind. Naina mustn’t fall for the gorgeous devil. Where are her best friends?

After Ruhana puts some much-needed sense into Samrat, who’s gone berserk after Naina’s disappearance, work begins anew. After all, missions come first, then come best friends. When danger looms just above the horizon and loyalties are tested, it’s time for Samrat to realize true love is much more than caring for his best friend.

One thing is evident. Love is unstoppable. So are chaos. And it all began with Project Zohra.

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An avid reader from a very young age, Chidrupi was eleven when she began creative writing for fun. Her stories today are breezy, light-hearted, encompassing intriguing characters and a medley of emotions. 

She’s a guitarist, keyboard player, martial arts enthusiast, and amateur artist. Someone who believes in creativity and compassion above all, and describes her passion for arts as limitless.

She’s learning and teaching art when she’s not writing. Feeding the local strays and watching animal rescue videos. A Hyderabadi through and through, she also holds a graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.