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Think Big And Live To Make It Possible Chase Your Dream Like a Shooting Star

Author Name: Litan Bhowmik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Yes, it is possible. Anything and everything you can think of is possible. If you want to make your life a great one it is possible if you want to waste it, it is also possible.

Life is not a gamble to risk it randomly. Life is a game to play by the rules. Life is too beautiful a gift to be wasted crawling on your hands and knees. Make it bigger and better with immense passion and exciting dreams. Develop yourself, serve others and make a significant contribution to the society to attain personal immortality. It is all about preparation because preparation ignites performance and performance generates result. Preparation is science and performance is art. Result becomes attractive when science is practiced with art.

Confidence, courage and creativity convert an ordinary man into an extraordinary man. The life of your dream is possible if you do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. It is the achievements which make a man extraordinary not heredity.

Transforming your dream into reality is more a matter of courage and creativity than of talent and resources. Don’t let fear of failure and negative criticism hold you back on the path to success, fulfillment and happiness.

This book serves as a splendid guide to the land of abundance and opportunities. It helps you unlock your true potential, unleash your creativity and confidence and lead the life of choice and not mere chance.

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Litan Bhowmik

Litan Bhowmik is a renowned corporate trainer, mentor, counsellor, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and former Managing Director of Euro Advanced Technology Solutions, Scotland, UK.

Though Litan Bhowmik has studied at three universities in Europe and Asia, he believes that his mother is the best university of his life. While academic institutions gave him knowledge and qualifications to impress others, he learnt the important lessons of life from his mother, who barely managed to complete class five. She gives the courage and wisdom to live a life of meaning, contentment and fulfillment.

Litan gives seminars and talk on personal development, professional achievement and education. He helps people realise their inner potential and convert their dreams into reality. He has trained and helped thousands of people to transform their lives with his transformational approach and profound messages. This year alone more than 20,000 people from several national and multinational corporations, educational institutions and professionals from various industry attended his seminars and talk.

Litan runs a campaign called ‘You Are Stronger Than Your Problems. Life Is Good. Never Quit. You Will Be Rewarded.’