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To Give and Nine More Short Stories A Curation of Diverse Tales

Author Name: Ahmed Aboo | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The book provides sheer reading pleasure of ten hours or more. There are different stories for everyone’s entertainment. (1) “To Give” speaks of a very successful man embroiled in a scandal attempting suicide but failing. (2) “The Opportunist” is a young man, who was an orphan, wanting the best that life has to offer, but is it that easy?  (3) “The Spirit” of an executed butler finds ways to clear his name and bring the culprits to justice.  (4) In “The Bet,” the bet with a rich man puts a young man in trouble.  (5) “Secret Agent XX4,” a British agent of Indian origin is sent to India to break the supply chain of heroin from India to Europe. (6) “Detective Dan” has to solve the murder of a hated man. (7) In “The Heir,” a very rich widow loses her only son, her heir, but has she really lost her heir? (8) “The Restless Soul” seeks help to solve his murder. (9) “A Grandfather’s Revenge,” tells the story of an innocent married woman traumatised by her wealthy family and how her grandfather takes his revenge on them. (10) “Aphrika,” tells the story of early Indian settlers migrating to Africa in the 1920s - the hardships they went through and how they lived.

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Ahmed Aboo

Ahmed Aboo, aged 70 years, came with his parents from India to Nyasaland, Africa (now Malawi), when he was two years old. Ahmed was a businessperson, and also a bookkeeper. From his childhood days, he was fascinated with photography and when he was ten years old, his father bought him a Brownie Kodak Camera. Ahmed is a gifted analyst who is offering the world his two genius creations – The New Tax System and The Real Democracy Solutios. He retired early and started his true passion - writing. 

His second book of short stories is titled Money Counts, which contains seven short stories. His prized work is on improving the economy of the nation riddled with mismanagement and corruption. He wrote this book over eight years, from 2005 to 2012. In the book, Ahmed suggests a system that could be regulated and turn around the economy while moving the country into a budget surplus nation. The title of the book on the economy is The Ultimate Solution to Tax Avoidance and Corruption: A Unique System of Governance. 

The system awaits and invites any interested government to derive infinite benefits from it…