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Total Wellness and Fitness to Body, Mind and Spirit - 1 With Plant-Based Diet and Nutrition Cookbook

Author Name: Heema Shanker | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

The idea is to eliminate the root-cause of weight gain and diseases, instead of fixing it superficially. By following Master Diet plan, we fight the root-causes that are leaky guts and detox the body, which is half the work done. Then we fix it by additional vitamins and supplements, which we have lacked forever by avoiding and ignoring physical health and the right diet. Along follows the physical activities, light exercise and walk for an hour. So most of our health recovery is done, and most problems are solved. Then, if the treatment for disease and proper diet are followed, we gain total physical wellness and fitness. Food is not the only cause of disease. Wrong thinking and behaviour has the biggest impact on physical and mental health. So the idea is to correct the thinking, which eliminates the remaining cause of disease. Right thinking could be done by following a spiritual system of practice, keeping religious roots intact within. Mentally cleaning the physical system and meditating with the help of the Guru, who has given a system on experimental bases, and one who has mastered the total wellness and fitness physically, mentally and spiritually.


Master Diet plan includes everyone 6+ with guidance on nutrition, low-fat, low-carb, low-calories and high protein diet quick recipes in just 15-30 minutes. It also includes pasta recipe in just 5 minutes without sauce and water! It has importance on spiritual fasting and self-experimenting on controlling diabetes and disease. It consists of modified master plant-based recipes that could be prepared in both continental and Asian flavors, with shortcuts to traditional recipes.

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Heema Shanker

Heema Shanker is 56 years old, born on May 17, 1964, in the Middle East, sultanate of Oman. She has a little less than four decades of experience and skills in psychology, nutrition, culinary cuisine, and Heartfulness meditation practice. She had been an athlete during her high school and under graduate studies, participating in national-level competitions. She had undergone training for National Cadet Corps and had been cadet captain for a year. She has a certificate in Nutrition, a Master’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics, and a year’s graduate program in M. Music. Also, she has a post-graduate diploma in Yoga, School Management, Montessori Teaching Method and Web Development with the highest credits. She is a graduate in Commerce and in Carnatic Music. Originally, she is from Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, and at present residing in the USA.