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Translating Fiction Issues of Equivalences

Author Name: Datta G Sawant | Format: Paperback | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

Translation is a highly significant stream of study expanding its necessity in all walks of human life. Translation has got the centre position because it is being practiced in almost all fields—education, science and technology, medical, trade and commerce, literature, business, politics, economic affairs, entertainment, advertisement, law and order, international and bilateral relations, etc. But considering the process of translating easy would be half-knowledge for it is a very studious task. Once I.A. Richards said about translation, “translation may probably be the most complex type of event yet produced in the evolution of the cosmos” and so is the nature of translation. The present book tries to provide solutions to untranslatable equivalences and distinctly categorizes, subcategorizes them into particular types so that one can reach to the appropriate equivalence. Three heterogeneous novels selected for the analysis and application of equivalences—The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga, an Indian writer in English, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, an American Author and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho a Portuguese author; all English novels translated into Marathi.

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Datta G Sawant

DR. DATTA G SAWANT is an Assistant Professor with ten years of experience of teaching, learning, evaluation and research. His academic qualification includes M.A. (English), NET, DBM, PGCTE and PhD. He did four years of research in Translation Studies especially examining the issue of translation equivalence from English into Marathi. He completed a research project in Translation Studies funded by UGC, New Delhi. He published research articles in acclaimed journals like Elsevier’s Science Pacific Review B: Humanities and Social Sciences. His other areas of study are English Language, Literature and Literary Theory. Besides this, he also has a keen interest in creative writing—a short story (Village Teacher) and some poems are published in English—currently engaged in writing a novel based on Indian higher education.