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Author Name: Robin Tejpal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Take a small piece of your mind.

Boil it.

Freeze it.

Put it under testing conditions.

Tilt the hour glass.

Take it out.

It’s ready to explode…


Gets shattered,

Scattered all over…

Resembling tiny bits and pieces of glass.

Pick a few up.

Look through them for some time…

If not all, you should be able to identify,

Something mystical in the shiniest one.

But how?

Pick up the piece…

and read.

For time shatters and scatters your mind.

When you close your eyes,

These memories are so tangy, so beautiful, washes away,

With the sands of time.


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Robin Tejpal

Robin hails from Lucknow – the City of Nawabs. Though no Nawab himself, Robin has been a retail professional since 2010. He has spent most of his childhood in Lucknow and has visited various parts of India for academic and professional reasons. In spite of being a nonconformist by nature, he is an active sports and movie buff, with a keen interest in reading, writing and travelling – a bike trip to Ladakh being the latest addition to the list. He is a firm believer in pursuing one’s passion – either professionally or as a hobby. With sharp observational skills, Robin likes to pen down his thoughts on paper and express them through words or in the form of pictures.