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Twenty Tales A Short Story Compilation

by Rabinarayan Senapati

Format: Paperback

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The title Twenty Tales explains the creation. Out of these twenty stories, some are very short but most of the stories are of standard size. From second to eleventh, the stories belong to Madhubana, a place influenced by rapid industrialisation and its various social implications, hills turning to excavated lakes and lakes levelled for construction works. People are displaced from their native village to colonies and people from different parts of the nation are absorbed as native. The main story, The Soda Pusher and The Street Dancer is devotional. Keep Pocket is a sequel story that connects revered RKN’s Malgudi to my Madhubana, hope is not a misadventure. In five of the stories the narrator is Dr Hati, a fictional character, may be a reflection of the author’s own profession. Hope Twenty Tales is loved by the readers.

The author dedicates the book to Prof Manoj Das, the legend.

The author belongs to Tulati, a village of temples and ponds. He wrote in Odia initially but remained secretive about his creations with self-criticism and doubt. Should a doctor, an Obstetrician, working in rural Odisha devote time to write? Paradoxically, the profession allowed to witness, the finest emotions, and inspirational plots to be stories. Many miscarried with lack of time. He planned to make writing and publishing his primary work fifty-five. Pleasantly it happened four years earlier. Odia medium schooling followed by science stream education, discouraged writing in English. However electronic gadgets being friendlier to English, he too started his creative writing in English and got genuine appreciations. People read his blog, Short Stories and Memoirs. He wished to connect with his readers. As a peculiar habit, he read a random story of the legendary Prof Manoj Das, before writing a story.



Twenty Tales





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