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by Gulsheen Sabharwal

Format: Paperback

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This book contains poems written by me. They express my feelings in an uncertain manner. I love poetry and I have always thought of poetry as something which is close to me even if it isn't a human being. In some sort of way, poetry makes me happy! Whether it is tragedy, romance or comedy! Poetry is what keeps me alive!

Hello Dear Readers,

I am Gulsheen Sabharwal. I came into this world on 11th June,2000. Just to let you know, I am NOT at all social. I like to stay alone. There are barely a few friends who I trust completely. Poetry is my first love. I guess it just speaks to me. My poem "Annabelle" was written by me on 24th October,2013 and "The Vampire Child" on 22nd October,2013. A few more poems which you will read or you have already read "Float", "The Secret", "She" and "You and me" are my personal favourite. I would like to thank my mom, dad, my elder sister Kavleen and my younger brother Rajbir to encourage and support me.

Also my friends, Vatsala, Rishika, Ankita, Sakshi, Ashika, Disha, Shrimoyee, Khushi, Anmol, Simran, Satakshi and Rupal. I would like to thank my cousin Manraj to help me through my breakdowns.Thanks. I would also like to thank both my maternal and paternal relatives for supporting me. Thank You and I love you all!

-Gulsheen Sabharwal

P.S- Sorry if I missed someone!








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