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Unfolding Intellectual Property Rights A Practical Patent Guide for Researchers, Academicians and start-ups

Author Name: Rajesh Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Sinha and Samir Kumar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Computers | Other Details

This is a complete working guide and practical book about Intellectual property awareness, covering details about patent, trademarks, copyright, Industrial design and all other types of IP. India is a growing consumer market. There are many start-ups developing new technologies, MNC research centres are working on new technologies and “Make in India” is being promoted by Government - all of these point to a need to build strong IP capability in India, which is far below in terms of global IP index (India ranks 36th in global IP index 2019).

To build an IP culture, awareness is the first step. This book will help

          Students to learn practical aspects of IP/Patent and choose IP as career.

          Academicians to enhance IP capability in their institutes


          Help technology start-ups to tap their potential IP with ease


          Help researchers and research managers to align their invention with IP and thus increase their companies patent portfolio.


          We have covered geography based IPR basics and their comparison thus enabling student/researchers to learn about IPR fundamentals in a global perspective.


          For academicians, we have detailed out the current IPR state in India and what are the measure needed to enhance academic/university’s IPR capability.


          A world proven methodology TRIZ has been detailed out explaining how to drive research using TRIZ methodology and get its advantage in building strong patent portfolio with example, case study and hypothesis. 


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Rajesh Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Sinha and Samir Kumar

Rajesh Singh

An alumnus of BHU, Rajesh is one of the best IP consultant and leader in India with extensive expertise in IP client relations, process, management and business strategy. In his carrier of 18 years in intellectual property consulting business, Rajesh has managed multiple fortune 500 clients across IP life cycle like litigation projects, licensing proposal preparation, and patent valuation . He is a trained IPR professional and has received certification in US patent law, has managed patent account of Microsoft IP outsourcing team. As academician in his early years, he taught master and bachelor’s degree courses in computer engineering and has guided around 35 plus M Tech thesis work. 

As CTO of Parintek Innovation, he drives the IP roadmap and business of the company with a vision to build IP culture in India across corporates, start-ups and academia.  

Sanjeev Kumar Sinha

An alumnus of MNNIT Allahabad, Sanjeev is a technology leader with 20+ years of experience in research and development He has held many senior R&D leadership roles in government and industry. 

Sanjeev was key member of team which has designed and implemented an integrated data network system for the Indian Navy, earning him the prestigious Indian National Innovation Award from Indian Defence minister. He worked for Canon R&D in India for eight years and helped them building new technology and research capability in India , establishing its IP division and building R&D team focused on medical imaging and health care solutions. 

As CEO of Parintek Innovation, sanjeev is responsible for business growth of the company with a vision to build IP culture in India across corporates, start-ups and academia.  

Samir Kumar

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur (Silver Medallist) and IIM Calcutta, Samir is a management leader with diversified experience in Financial Markets, Research, Media, Film. Samir has managed and led diverse verticals across geographies including Europe, Japan, Singapore and India with comprehensive experiences in setting up, scale up and driving profitable business growth. An entrepreneur with diversified area of expertise, involved in many FINTECH and start-up companies. He has also won the prestigious Indian National Film Award for his very first feature film production MITHILA MAKHAN