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Author Name: P. Sucharita | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

 Each series has its own type of adventure that keeps me venturing till the root tips of the problem. They have lessons to teach and enough comedy to laugh your hearts out. The story starts with everyone having the exam fever, it's a tough time for students while writing exams and especially for mother's because they need their child to pass the exams and mostly about their marks. There are different types of students during an to find out. 
The next series is quiet interesting it's a plot about a dog that runs away. It's really hard to run behind dogs but something quiet unusual happens while running... It’s not very usual to be seen around at a place like to find out.
The third sequence is about a robbery in an amusement park, a place that has at most safety and lot of security, this happens in such a way that getting lost was even more doubtful about this place. What was wrong with this place? How could a robbery take place in such a place? Is it even normal for a robbery to happen? Questions to be answered and mysteries to be to find out.
The fourth succession is not very suspicious but has humour that will keep you contented till the very end of the book. It’s about a lost key that has to be found in order to please the people or else things might take change in the class. In the first place how did it get lost? How to find it? Where to find it? What happened to the key or else is it another robbery?

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P. Sucharita

The author is a young school student studying at Bangalore, India with a passion for writing. She is studying in middle school now but her zeal for writing started at a tender age of 7 years while studying in second standard. Since then she has been writing articles for her school magazine that had been published for three consecutive years from 2016,2017 and 2018 respectively. She is also an eloquent dancer in Western Dance where she underwent training for two years and even won Gold medals for her dance from herInstitute. She is an eloquent Public Speaker with great oratory and debating skills. Being a successful author is her dream as she wants to pursue a career in writing at the same time pursuing a different career from the rhetoric studies of Engineering or Medicine. Reading Novels and Fiction books is also her passion  and  she has a very inquisitive mind about each and very thing such as from where  a thing has originated and hoe it is useful to us . In her spare time she also likes making miniature crafts from her creativity as it increases her creativity thinking for writing also. this her first maiden book adventure. It's her first book.