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Unhealthy practices

by Sumit Ghoshal

Format: Paperback

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When the management of Gopalji Damji Hospital decides to compulsorily retire a number of its most senior doctors, no one expects the matter to snowball into a major public relations disaster. But this is precisely what happens. One of the trustees, Prashant Kadakia, leaks the story to a friendly newspaper reporter, whose own father had died in the same hospital just two months before.

Meanwhile in the hospital, a tussle for control is going on. The employees demand a heavy bonus, which the trustees cannot afford. The employees threaten to go on strike. The adverse publicity continues until the board decides to replace the Medical Director. The trustee, Kadakia, opens another avenue with the help of some Indian friends living in the US. They infuse the necessary funds to get the hospital on its feet again but the real challenge is to overthrow the existing board of trustees and get the hospital going again. To succeed in this and to become chairman himself, Kadakia has to walk a tight rope, and douse a number of fires that threaten to cripple the institution forever.

Dr Sumit Ghoshal is a healthcare writer with over 27 years of full time experience in mainstream newspapers and magazines in Mumbai, mostly with the Indian Express. He worked in a senior position with Business India magazine, writing extensively on pharmaceuticals, healthcare delivery, biotechnology and life sciences. Earlier, he was Associate Editor with Pharmabiz Hospital Review, a fortnightly paper for the Indian healthcare industry. In the past, he has also written articles for the LANCET, Canadian Medical Association Journal and the Medical Post of Toronto.

He entered the world of newspapers in September 1986 about four years after completing his medical degree from Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal. Those four years were spent in working as a resident doctor in leading hospitals in Mumbai, and provided a rich backdrop for his work in journalism later on. Currently, he is Managing Editor with Healthcare Executive, a monthly magazine for top executives of Indian hospitals. Unhealthy Practices is his first attempt at writing fiction.



Unhealthy practices





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