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UNLOCK your organizations POTENTIAL A “PRACTICAL” approach to Learning and Development

Author Name: Vijay Kovilakonda | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

A handy practical guide about achieving a sustainable role and creating successful processes as an L&D professional while following and imparting professional Learning in the organization. Although building such cultures and communities of profound and ongoing Learning are uncommon, they are essential for engaging and meaningful change. This is where this book comes into the picture—this book curves the path for business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs on how to build a successful L&D process. With the increase of awareness towards L&D vertical with the core belief that every organization needs an L&D Professional and must work as leaders, this book is now more critical than ever. Through a lifetime of working in corporates, it is a must-read in universities and corporates throughout the country.

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Vijay Kovilakonda

L&D solutions provider, Entrepreneur, Life strategist, Transformation Coach & Corporate Trainer

Winner of the Great Managers Award 2018 from People Business, Mr. Vijay Kovilakonda believes in the incredible power of Learning and Development and with the same thought he authored “UNLOCK your organizations POTENTIAL” He is a professional coach and influencer who has been training the art of self-delivery for close to two decades. A recognized trainer, Vijay’s approach to his modules is always analytical, emotional, and empathetic. Vijay’s passionate commitment to his work focuses on personal and professional life coaching, creative and entrepreneurial consulting, inspirational speaking, soft-skill development, and personality management. What sets Vijay’s training apart is his methodology. Under the banner of UP n Rise, he has been helping his clients to Identify, Design, Execute and Empower their Learning and Development teams. With his leadership narratives and extensive the coaching, he is making a difference in the lives of clients and audiences in India in different verticals such as Consultancy, Content Development, Content Delivery, Certifications & Assessments, Reinforcement. He believes in taking a more meaningful approach to addressing concerns that an individual or an organization may face when presenting themselves to a corporate world. His philosophy resounds in the culture of tenacity he is trying to build. He believes the “Key to your success is 100% within you; all you need to do is to” Unlock your Potential and Rise...