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Unlocking The Lockdown Stories

Author Name: Juhi Jaisinghani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
Amazon Sales Rank: Ranked #42 in Kindle - Short Stories

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is what the author Juhi Jaisinghani believes in. When everybody is talking about the uncertainties happening during the lockdown 2020, she tries to show you another side of it.

A software engineer losing his job with no clue about his passion, a couple trying to revamp their almost broken marriage, a police officer on the verge of forgetting his old dream, a girl cheated on by the love of her life still looking out for love, a couple about to get married with everything planned, an orphan guy desiring solace, a girl waiting for her childhood sweetheart, a high-profile journalist considering love for granted, an airhostess in hope of the biggest opportunity of her life, a struggling actor almost always making the wrong choices and regretting about it—life indeed gave them lemons they would be able to make lemonade of, or they would give up against time.


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Juhi Jaisinghani

Juhi Jaisinghani is born and brought up in the city that never sleeps—Mumbai. She is a Foodie and a Music enthusiast. She has also been a book lover since her childhood. She dreamt to be a writer someday but lost in the daily chaos and the rat race of life and found it difficult to keep up with the dream of her childhood. Luckily, she succeeds in unlocking the Lockdown Stories.

She revisits her old books from her small library as the times have changed presently. None of the books she has read was with the words which have become a part of our lives somehow, so she talks about self-quarantine, lockdown, social distancing and a lot more, along with wanting to write about today’s stories and how the pandemic affected so many people’s lives in its own ways. She is an optimistic person with a quest to inspire people fighting with the lockdown situation in a positive way. Knowing nothing can put an impact on us the way words do, either heard or read, she puts forward ten stories going through a roller coaster ride of emotions in their lives during the lockdown.