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Unsung Maudlin Monodies

by John Laltluangliana

Format: Paperback

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There are stories that were never told, dreams that were never whispered and victories that were never celebrated. As the world spins on its own rhythm, we dance to the music we hear. There are things we often fail to see and messages we often miss out. We fret at our loss, cry at our wounds and weep over what we've lost. These poems will make you see beyond the dark days and learn that you are more than who you think you are. And above all, you will realize that you’re not alone in your suffering. There are messages that you can relate to and some that will let you think of yesterday and then tomorrow. Together, we shall share our tears of joy and sorrow.

This book is written by eight friends from Mizoram who met each other and came together as a group because of their love for poetry. They have participated together in several local poetry events, and this is their debut book. They write to heal, to let go, to settle the rage within, to help, to give hope and sometimes just for the sake of writing. They are from different educational backgrounds such as management, law, agriculture, psychology and literature. Each has different interests and views, yet they are all connected by words in the form of poetry. 








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