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Vagabond An Adventurer Lad

by O.P. Modi

Format: Paperback

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A lad of 17 years coming from a wealthy family believes that the real education does not come from academic institutions. On the other hand it can be got from studying nature and going to the wild; where one can study plants, birds and ferocious animals like lions, tigers, hyenas and bears. There lies the knowledge that one should gain and use it in his life.

 This book is about a young man who leads an adventure loving life. He faces life threatening episodes and is actually attacked by wild animals and dangerous bees, animals and even flesh eating plants. Somehow he survives. Finally traveling miles after miles he enters the Anant valley, a serene and peaceful land free of threats from all the dangers. This valley is ruled by a King whose soldiers arrest the Vagabond i.e. the young lad. He is produced before the King who is highly impressed by the knowledge and intelligence of the lad. He asks the young man to work for him as his roving ambassador. After a year the King sends his emissaries with sealed letter to Trigam Panihar where the Vagabond’s family lives. The letter is actually a proposal for the engagement of his daughter with the Young Lad. The proposal is accepted and after some time marriage is also sermonized. In fact the young boy had fallen in love with King’s daughter at first sight and the same was the case with the princess.







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