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Vocabulary 2.0 Smart Words of the 21st Century

by Dr. Shoba K.N

Format: Paperback

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Are you flowing with the word current? How do you react when you come across a new word? It sounds familiar but the affix it carries unsettles you. It has taken a new form, thanks to the compound that has been glued to it. You feel you know the meaning of the word, but still unsure to use it yourself, you badly want to double-check its origin, meaning and usage. Some words you feel are extremely informal and cannot be used unless your dictionary approves of it. Sharing the enthusiasm and curiosity with innumerable word mongers, this book takes a peek into words that have made their way to existence. Not mere existence, but they thrive in the internet and media before by popular academic consensus, they enter the red carpet of dictionaries.

Whether you are in the pursuit to increase your wordbank or you are the kind who likes to flaunt around ‘cool’ words or a novice to the world of internet lingo or an expert who looks into how words metamorphose for survival, this book is definitely for you!

“Five years may be a short time as a practitioner of the English language, but my interest in words and their indispensable proliferation goes way back to my school days,” says Dr. Shoba K.N. who has a Ph. D. in English from the University of Madras. She is also the proud recipient of the English Language Teaching Research Partnership Award from the British Council, India for the year 2013-14 and currently works on a Vocabulary Enhancement Project.



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