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WALKING A FINE LINE You are in harmony with yourself today when you know that you made the right choices in your past.

Author Name: Ruchi Verma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

“Walking a fine line” is a celebration today for yesterday. This book is a way of offering self-love and appreciation for all I could do when I found myself in a tricky situation where it was like walking on a tight rope and made some fine decisions keeping my confidence, respect and morals intact by not falling in any temptations and by being compassionate. It’s an attempt to motivate the readers to look back, and appreciate every decision that may look trivial yet contributed to who they are today but could never celebrate or appreciate thyself. 

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Ruchi Verma

This book “Walking a fine line” is Author’s 2nd book after experiencing a very positive reception and success through her 1st book “Rainbow Reminiscences”. 

Ruchi, through her articles and her 1st book has been able to set a ground where she loves to share true life experiences and learning through them that could only and only reflect on how life, people / other living-beings around, difficult situations of life and many more things can inspire us in so many amazing ways. 

Her 1st book was a success as the readers could very beautifully relate their life with some or the other story from her collection and could get a new perspective of looking at things or incidences of their lives. The agenda was just to break the mundane and take the readers back to their tiny, inspiring, heart-warming yet totally ignored life incidences to experience the little fun element, emotions and learning which they had missed somewhere. 

Now, through her 2nd creation, she has tried to pen down those small situations of life which can allow the readers to go back in their past and cherish their similar small victories which they had achieved through their prudence but they forgot to celebrate them. Through her true stories, she has presented her firm belief that virtues like patience and tolerance (not at all at the cost of your own dignity) pays at the end. Her agenda of sharing these simple yet powerful stories is just to build a sense of awareness for the readers as to what is their ultimate goal of life- “To get bitter or to get better in life?”

As always, the Author has again tried to bring in the values like Patience, Tolerance and Resilience and she feels, these values are the true coach to build you in the person you are today. She again reiterates that no where she wants to promote patience & tolerance at the cost of self dignity. 

After quitting her corporate life, Ruchi did a deep dig and explored about herself and could successfully find her love and passion in highlighting colours and brightness whether it is through writing about various shades of emotions or through her art work called “Ruchi’s BringHomeVibrance”. Both the works are paying her immense satisfaction, peace of mind and clarity of thoughts which is ultimately leading her to reach towards her purpose of life.

She is sure that the love for her work and further exploring her own identity through her passion is definitely going to help her achieve what she had been looking for in her life.