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Waltair Station

by Annu Pillai

Format: Paperback

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Caught unawares in a critical situation, young Agnes' life suddenly changes direction. Her ambitions and desires are left to rest. But as fate starts working in her favor, she hopes and dreams of fulfillment in the given circumstances.

She happily pursues her new goals earnestly and is about to achieve it, when she is struck down again, this time by her own mother.

 The fighter in Agnes rises. Shaking off the shackles of helplessness and vulnerability, she explores life in all its adversity. What this young woman experiences, witnesses and decides for herself is a tale of its own.

Annu C. Pillai, as she is popularly known, was born to Sebastian and Rosy of Trissur, Kerala, christened ‘Anna’.

She was a teacher by profession, and also the head mistress of a school until it was taken charge of by The Sisters of St. Ann.

Presently in Kerala, she had settled down in the early 70’s to take care of her children and family in the absence of her husband, who was in the Indian Navy. Annu is also a social worker. She is a fearless campaigner of women’s rights and hopes that, someday, society would truly treat women with the respect they deserve. Her writing reflects her beliefs.

Annu was also a member and office bearer of a national political party for some years. She was however, happier spending time with her family rather than pursuing full time politics.

She started writing at a young age. Apart from her regular articles in leading newspapers and magazines, she owns a priced collection of poems and short stories. Though this is her first book, we can expect more to come. 



Waltair Station





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