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Weight Loss: Tathastu Learn How Not to Lose Your Weight the Wrong Way

Author Name: Bhushan Gaonkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Don’t eat rice

Eat only salads

Banana is fattening

Have only olive oil

Walk for 90 mins

Skip your dinner

Some do get results in terms of weight loss by following such practices, but ask yourself:

Is it sustainable? Can you be on a diet for ages?  

No, right!

This book is conceptualised to give the following message: You don’t need a magical diet to get fit. Instead, you need to build a good lifestyle. This message is elucidated with real-life examples and practical tips.

I am not the first and surely not the last to write about this topic. Some amazing authors have written about it. So what is different about my book?

Concepts do not change much; I have correlated these concepts with real-life examples I came across, working with different people. Throughout the book, there are tips towards this end, those that have been tried and tested by many, including me, my family, and the people I have worked with, where I have seen fantastic and sustainable results.

While the title of this book is Weight Loss: Tathastu, this is not just about losing weight, but taking the right steps for living a healthy life. And when you do that, weight loss has to happen (Tathastu).

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Bhushan Gaonkar

Bhushan Gaonkar is an IT professional who wants to stay fit. He has been working in software organisations for more than 15 years. This has helped him understand the sedentary nature and work pressures of professional life.  

He started exercising almost two decades ago, with a focus on weight training and cardio, in a local gym. In 2011, he started learning and practising functional fitness and cross-training and gained knowledge about food and nutrition.  

Over the years, he has developed his own techniques to be fit by exercising and eating right. He swears by functional and strength training, including self-defence as part of his workouts. 

He is certified in cross-training and self-defence (Level 3 KMG associate) and is known for his boot-camp training. 

He conducts online fitness programs with his team of coaches at Fitness Messengers, coaching on the right mix of exercises, nutrition, motivation and wellness. 

He also conducts wellness workshops for organisations and educational institutes focused on building a healthy lifestyle. 

He has worked with young mothers, working professionals, housewives, teens, people facing obesity issues and has helped them get fit the right way. 

His passion for and understanding of holistic fitness, complemented by practical implementation have been captured in this book.