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What's that Sound?

by Raj Dutta

Format: Hardcover

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“My baba wrote this story for me because I hated brushing my teeth as a kid. Now my lil brother Zizou loves the book too, although he doesn’t have any teeth, he laughs a LOT when baba reads him this story with all his funny sounds and accents!”


the author’s daughter and his first fan,

gives the book 5 stars

Raj Dutta has one wife, one daughter, one son and by his own cynical estimation, half a lung. Before he sold out and joined a big bank, he spent a decade in advertising writing ads and films. This book wouldn’t have been possible without his wife Pallavi whose patience waged constant wars against his own sloth, his children Zuri and Zizou whose insatiable appetite for stories keeps his yarns spinning, and finally, his art partner Sunil Krishnan who sprinkled his magic on the book’s design.



What's that Sound?





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