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What The Eye Sees Crimocopoiea Book 1( A John Hartigan Thriller)

by Percy Kerry

Format: Paperback

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An open window, a torn piece of glove, and a pair of pajamas are all that Boston PD Homicide Detective Ansen Cole has as clues to investigate the disappearance of seven year old Astor Marshall. As Cole finds out in the course of the investigation, Astor's disappearance is not the prima facie case of kidnapping that it seems to be.

But when he calls upon FBI Special Agent and noted criminologist John Hartigan to help him crack the case...things take on a whole new meaning. Because what the eye sees, is not what it always appears to be....

Percy Kerry is a student,author, blogger, bookworm and researcher. Contact her with your thoughts on What The Eye Sees to percykerry15@yahoo.com.



What The Eye Sees





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