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Wheel of Happiness / - Secrets that worked for me

Author Name: Vibha Mahajan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

‘Ask and receive’. Can this magic happen in real life? Can you harness the power of your thoughts to attract what you desire? Can one apply the Law of Attraction in real life? Yes. One has the power to change the direction towards success. You draw and you are drawn by forces that can shape your life. Ask anything from Universe and the only thing Universe do is to say ‘TATHASTU – so be it’. 

We look for fulfilment in all aspects of life, including wealth, health, relationships, the purpose of life, inner joy, and peace. This is a rounded, successful life, a life of abundance. Is it possible to alchemy wealth, health, relationships, the purpose of life, inner joy, and peace all together? The uniqueness of the book is the author’s quest for real success and  how she achieves this in her own life while unearthing the ancient wisdom and enlightenment in the modern idiom. In doing so, she has sculpted a wheel of inner happiness and peace to attract success and to make life refreshing and a magical experience. 

It is true. The Law of Attraction can deliver a life of true abundance. 

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Born in India and having experience living in both the East and the West, Vibha Mahajan has lived a traveller’s dream. She earned her doctorate in economics from the University of Punjab, taught for a while and is now a successful entrepreneur.  If life is a wave in the ocean, she has surfed both the crest and trough while facing the deepest troubles in life. Despite such adversities, she bounced back to life with optimism and hope.   Vibha navigates through the inevitability of pain using her lived experience and grounds her philosophy of life in love and compassion. Her work explores themes of gratitude, forgiveness, success and abundance in life. The author’s narrative is a microcosm larger than the Universe itself.