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When Unsaid

by Bharath K

Format: Paperback

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Here is a young voice, and it throbs with the ancient urgencies of youth. This finely chiseled collection of poems presents the reader with hymns of love and paeans to purity; you will find explorations of lonely roads and excavations of nothingness. There are also more maverick probes into vagrancy and empty pockets. In these lines of poetry, Bharat makes lives meet, entangle and depart; destinies to encounter deaths, debts; emotions and attachments to chase one another…In other words, these poems shape the wor(l)d in the lambent planes of the poet’s imagination. Despite its brimful youth, this poetic voice is also measured, unhurried, possessed by the formidable knowledge that “Every little distance [is] a tribute to fears and sins…”


“This amazing collection of Bharath's poems is a poetic and philosophical odyssey into the realms of human sensitivities of painful sufferings, passionate longings and fragile relationships. His poems sound to me more of a common man's rendering of the real and fantasy in poetic verses. You can connect with his thoughts and feelings, if you have felt or known the joy and pain of a common man"ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, IIT BOMBAY

R Suresh Babu PGT English, JNV chikkaballapura

Born on 8th May 1995 to Mr. Krishnappa V and Mrs. Saraswathamma K, Bharath Krishna had his primary education in a Kannada medium school in a small town named Gownipalli near Bykothuru in Karnataka. He was later selected to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chikkaballapura [Karnataka], an autonomous central government institution of HRD Ministry, which caters to the needs of rural talented children. As a student Bharath had been known to be buoyant, not restricting his caliber just on academics. He had been a vibrant presence in co-curricular activities, ICT and sports, and had displayed sparks of his creativity even when he was just a high school student.

His broad and sympathetic outlook on life had made the themes of his poems versatile, though subjective. He had always wanted to create a stir in the stagnant and indifferent attitude of the world towards social causes, which is reflected through his poems. His writing style is distinct in a way that it tries to make the reader understand his visionary ideas through carefully mastered words. ‘When Unsaid’ can be considered as a precursor to many collections of poems that are yet to come.

Currently, Bharath is pursuing his B.E. in Dept. of Civil Engineering in UVCE College, Bangalore.



When Unsaid



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