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Whispers in the Rain

Author Name: Sudhanshu Bhandari | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details


Love is like the once-in-a-lifetime bloom of the bamboo;

Ephemeral, enchanting and enigmatic;

Like the efflorescence of a cacti in desert born;

A riot in colours from a painful thorn.


Two tremulous wings amongst a riot of colours;

Fluttering! Floating! Flaunting its matchless beauty;

Till suddenly a strong gale appears;

We find two diaphanous wings;

Scattered amongst the greens.


A Slimy Blob of Green with looney eyes;

A Misshapen triangle attached to a body;

Spotted! Humpbacked! Croaking in monotonous rhymes;

Water! Mud! Bones! Blue Sky!

Splash! A snake’s diet!

Any poet requires a spontaneity to recreate an art as delicate as poetry, and a certain innate happiness of Spirit for as Wordsworth had said, A Poet Could not but be gay in such a Jocund Company.

These miscellaneous poems of mine are a testimony to that inner equilibrium between Heart and Mind, and represent a melange of thoughts: sad, reflective, happy, sentimental, evocative, angst, love and despair leading to a state of catharsis, for though, a poet through his Craft can’t change or reform society, as one of the greatest poets of all times had once remarked, “… the devotion that the Heart lifts above and the Heavens reject Not…”. It is this dedication to the utter intensity of the thought, which strikes in a moment of madness, but forever lingers on that creates the charm and magic of writing poetical lines. Jahan Naa

Pahuche Ravi, Wahan

Pahuchhe Kavi!


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Sudhanshu Bhandari

Sudhanshu Bhandari is a historian and journalist by education and training. He is an alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and is a teacher by profession. He has also published several articles and research papers across a wide gamut of issues dealing with the disenfranchised and the exploited like bonded- labourers, tribal communities and trafficked women. In his capacity as a teacher, he witnessed the unfolding of the panorama of human life across a spectrum of human relationships, and which stirred a welter of emotions inside him, which took the form of poetical expressions reflective of his angst, and which ultimately took the shape of this miscellaneous collection.