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White Lies A Tale of Unfinished Love and Passion

Author Name: Sahitya Yerramsetty | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A romance set in the perilous days of Sudan Civil War, brings together two worlds that are apart. Zarina is a young woman and her love story is not very ordinary.

Amidst a complex political turmoil and heartbreaking events, Fionn finds comfort in Zarina. His freedom was in her captivity. He bound her fragile soul with his rustic love. But as free as his spirit was, neither his love was exclusive nor was she his first love. 

But they came together to endure a tumultuous bond of love.

Fionn did not fall in love, he walked into it consciously and willingly. He wasn’t like most other lovers including Zarina. Unlike them he didn’t fly in a vulnerable sky filled with murky clouds of undying love. Fionn knew what lasts and what doesn’t.

Zarina was unaware that Fionn’s battle was more than what met her eye. His hunger to avenge was bigger than the disheveled homeland he came from. Will this lead to a happily ever after for Zarina?

Paperback 190

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Sahitya Yerramsetty

Sahitya Yerramsetty. Jackie of many trades, Master in law (as certified), a new age rhetorician and a Janus face. Story teller by heart and soul. Strong advocate of mental wellness. 

She had been dabbling with writing poetry in adolescence, academic articles and screenplays in adulthood with a convincing ability to produce words where most can get tongue-tied.

Her first book “White Lies,” was a crazy feat getting ready into a full manuscript under 30 solid days. She transpired the various phases of how people matured emotionally in times of trauma and turmoil, and poured her heart out in a nascent attempt through "White Lies."