Win Success from Failures and Be Rich

by Krishna Murari


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

People generally say that if success is a matter of reading books and achieving everyone of us would have been successful but I differ with their thinking.

Only condition desired is you have to give something to have something.

If anybody is ready to put his strong desire he may be successful with the application of the principle of this book which describes how to get to the peak In spite of long term failures. A person who never believed in extraordinary achievement by an ordinary individual cannot be successful in life.

This book explains deeply about:

  • Your major strengths and weakness.
  • How to know you have something within you.
  • How to develop your interest and convert it to some definite working pratical plan.
  • How to use your imaginative mind to fullest.
  • How to sharpen your brain for being an outstanding individual.
  • How to be extra ordinary from an ordinary person.
  • How to think beyond impossible and surprise the world with extra ordinary success.

About the Author

Born in a family of teacher, author is a practicing first class mines manager from Director General of Mines safety. Since childhood, he thought that there is no merit in being an ordinary human being and an extra ordinary talent must get recognition in the society.

Now a days, he is keenly interested in improvement of the people of the society through his diversified talents.

In his views, exploring success and happiness is just like digging the diamond within our own character which is the foundation of every kinds of success achieved in life. He is the man of multitalented acumen and wrote more than 4 books in diversified fields like, fiction, religion, science etc., presently in publishing stage.

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