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Author Name: Keerthana.S.R. | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The book you hold in your hand,begins like an ordinary love story.

But, it's more than that.From a really simple plot ,it goes on to become an extraordinary tale of Cancer.

A story about Ann,who is diagnosed with breast cancer will inspire you in many ways. It will rightly prove that ,nothing,absolutely nothing is as important as your health.

At the end of it, you realize we are only one of the numerous species on a ball of mud,revolving in one dark corner of the Milky way galaxy, in this vast unexplored universe and funnily this homo sapiens species, is subject to several factors that endanger its existence.At times,the cells in our own body are our worst enemies;a grim reaper exists in all of us...


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Sorry we are currently not available in your region.


The author,Keerthana.S.R resides in Shimoga, a place bordered by the beautiful river tunga and located quite close to Bangalore. She's currently pursuing her bachelors in Biotech in SJCE,Mysore .She is also doing B.A major in English through IGNOU.


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