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Your Health – Unchained M.M.A. – Mind. Matter. Attitude - Volume 1 Mind Over Matter Coupled With The Right Attitude, Your Potion To Healthastic Lifestyle

Author Name: Sunil. M | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Within the digital platform, when one seeks a solution to a problem, it leaves us flummoxed with thousands of options.

Hence the ideation of this book came about so that every individual can relate to a given situation by getting down to the root cause of the problem and try to come to a one-stop solution; be it health, diet, exercise regimes, losing or gaining weight, injury management or simply wanting to stay fit and healthy. 

Don’t follow unrealistic goal-setting trends for what type A body might be able to achieve Type B Body would not. Outgrow this copy-paste methodology.

This book helps understand one's body for better and faster results. 

Demystifying exercising and especially diet myths that spread like wildfire. Within the last decade, the term ‘health is wealth’ has become ‘wealth in health’; it’s all commercialised.

This lockdown has busted a lot of notions. Now, one can train within the 4 walls of their home and achieve which was being preached otherwise.

Balance is the key for everything in our lives. Many times it may feel easier said than done, but in reality, it could just be an arm's length away.

It is you and you alone who can help yourself and no one else. 

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Sunil. M

Sunil. M hails from the Caribbean with 30+ years of experience in the health industry. He is a model, actor, fitness guru and creative director. He is made of the strong belief: “My body, my temple.” 

He doesn’t believe nor propagates any special diets. 

He considers one should eat like they train and vice versa.

His simple ideology is that you can put jet fuel in your car, but it surely wouldn’t fly like a jet. 

Bodybuilding is a passive sport where the weights don’t push you, but it is you who needs to push oneself.

He has mentored & trained 1000+ trainers; be it in bodybuilding, fitness, overall personality development and also curated a lot for beauty pageants around the world like Miss World, Mr International. He, being a supermodel, knows how demanding the industry can be and how one needs to work things around to achieve success. 

He is the founder of Tres Mundo Production, that encourages and nurtures new talents be it acting or singing, by giving them a platform within the glam industry.

He also is a founder of ‘Sportify Ur Health’ – a health group within the digital platform.