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Rich Ponds

Portfolio construction is not an easy task, neither for the novice students of the financial markets nor for the seasoned professionals, or the entrepreneurs wishing to deploy capital. Rich Ponds, by Anurag Sundarka, breaks down the process of studying industries and identifying the most promising among them in such a clear and consistent way that makes it very valuable to everyone involved in the investment process. Highly recommended. -DimitriosNousias,CFA CIO, Whitetip Investments

“An important aspect of the investment profession is understanding a business. Numbers and balance sheet provide a good perspective on the past, but understanding qualitative drivers of a business is crucial in evaluating the future potential of any business. This book is an impressive attempt at providing a structured framework of evaluating not only any business (and its competition) but also evaluating industries.” -Samit Vartak Chief Investment Officer, SageOne Investments

What to expect from Rich Ponds

For industries that are fundamentally better than other industries.
  • Rich Ponds means Rich Industries that can raise healthy and profitable businesses within them.

  • In the book, the author discusses tools and techniques to identify 'Rich Industries' to start or own business in.

  • 1.) 9-Point Business Circuita.) A framework to approach equity research for beginners.
    2.) Qualitativesa.) An exhaustive method to organise all of qualitative research.
    3.) Industry SheetsA part of qualitatives, it will help segregate good industries from bad ones

Who is it for?

  • Equity Research Analysts

  • PE and VC Investors

  • Finance Students

  • Independent Investors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business Managers

₹ 450₹ 600

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The Complete guide to identifying rich industries to invest in

What is in the book?


    Customer Profile, Products and Substitutes


    Value Chain, Industry Map, Profit Pool


    Market Size, pricing Power, Disruption threat and Stability


    Porter’s five forces


    DuPont, Investment needs and Growth outlook


    Trends, Risks, Growth factors and variables for success

  • 14 DAY PLAN

    Step by Step process to understand any industry


    To identify 'Rich Industries'

About the book

“Profitability of a company depends 90% on the industry, 9% on the management and 1% on the company.” - Philip Fisher

Why do most companies in textiles struggle? Why most automakers struggle? Why most IT firms in Bangalore thrive? Why most media companies struggle? The answer - Industry Structure. Just before you are getting into something, whether that be as an investor or an entrepreneur, you need to take an informed decision. This book is exactly that - a hands-on guide to help you take an informed decision about which industries to select.

With the ‘Industry Sheets’ created in 4+ years of research, the chances of being in right industries at right time, in investing as well as entrepreneurship go up significantly.

Meet the Author


Anurag is a business researcher, who has over the last four years developed a business research model titled ‘9-Point Business Circuit’. He has also developed the concept of ‘Qualitatives’, which includes ‘Industry Sheet’, ‘Business Sheet’ and ‘Management Sheet’ and a financial analysis framework. Anurag has cleared all levels of the CFA exam. He is a pass out of the Finnacle Investment Academy. He is a business researcher and an entrepreneur. He is also a co-founder of ZebraLearn and ZebraPro. ZebraLearn focuses on education and research in the financial domain and ZebraPro focuses on developing an AI-powered workstation for investors and analysts.

Rich Ponds

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