Mohabbat na Karo tum uske jism se Kyunki voh jism bhi ek din bekaar ho jaayega Mohabbat karo toh uske dil se Kyunki voh dil hi hai jo marte dum tak saath nibhaayega  Read More...
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Physically, you're not with me anymore.  Even if I want, I can't bring you back,  My love!  I know you must be watching me from above the sky.  I know your soul   Read More...
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Invisible rope of love.
LIFE OF A GIRL  If you look back into history  Many of bravest and courageous women were born  But 2 of them were the greatest  One is Draupadi another is sita  Read More...
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Life of a girl
What a life I'm leading,Am I actually living?Or Just existing!. Simply breathing.You ask, How did I become a writer?Ohh! I went from a dreamer- to a lover and now a   Read More...
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Can I have someone now?
Aloof I was from the terrene when you stepped into my empty sphere Reawakened the lovely dreams I had buried long back As a ray of light you came in during the darke  Read More...
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And yet again.....
By Sujata in Poetry
dil tuta hai bas ...lekin tujhse naraz nahi hai... dard to bohat hai dil me .....bas bayaan karne ko alfaaz nahi hai ...... ye tanhaaiyaan samjhti hai hal-e-dil mer  Read More...
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Khudgarz Khwaab
By bharat jamnani in Poetry
In the world full chaos, I find peace in You... When all turn their back, I find strength in You... With all savouring externally, I find soul in You... Wih everyone  Read More...
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By Priyanka in Poetry
          Come back my love! From this valley you moved in summer   Kissed me tenderly swiped away my tears  promised to come back at the earliest  summe  Read More...
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Come back my love!
By Vanathi jayaraman in Poetry
#Singer_Alka_Yagnik  
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By vishu in Poetry
O’ my ‘amour’, your love is something special,Each and every moment it brings miracle, I get mesmerized drowned in its nectar, It blooms in my life’s garde  Read More...
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O' my Amour
Hey you, Yes you, You are my crush , I think about you even before doing brush. I consider you always right, As pure as colour white . You act as light , In the dark  Read More...
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By Nishika Agrawal in Poetry
Leh lahati lato ko dekhTumhare Jhumko ka itrana dar asal khalta h mujhko Fir un lato ka tumhare kaano k sirhane chupna fir nikalna aur fir chup janaKhalta hai mujhko  Read More...
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Khalta hai mujhko
By Abdul Maruf in Poetry
                         My Dream Seeing you becomes my routine Admiring you becomes my hobby Loving you becomes my Art Yet, Speaking to you is still  Read More...
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My Dream
By Padmalakshmi.M in Poetry
Pretty eyes they say.. Preety melonchaly in them I see Beautiful face they say... The beauty of your expressions i see The Ebullience of talking to you Is the elixir  Read More...
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My tailsman
Pyaar dokha h nhi Dard dokha h nhi Mushkil dokha h nhi Inssan dokha h nhi Kismat dokha h nhi Yhe sab nh hmari soch dokha hai   Read More...
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By kirtika in Poetry